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First Infantry Regiment in WWII

First Infantry Book Cover and PDF file link

A book written about the First Infantry Regiment during WWII. Copyright ©1990 by Ray Fallen.
All rights reserved.

Sixth Infantry Film

A film about the history of the Sixth Infantry.  You can read more about the film and history of the 6th Division on the You Tube site and Wikipedia.

Film of the 6th Infantry Division During World War II

The Big Picture: the 6th Infantry Division

produced by the 6th Infantry Division Public Relations Section.  

Within this half hour film you will find some rare footage of the 6th Infantry Division during World War II.

The Memoir of Martin F. Klik

Here follows the Memoir of Martin F. Klik of the Sixth Infantry Division Quartermaster Corps/2nd QMC Battalion, HQ Company, G Company.

Generously submitted by his daughter.

Memoir of Martin F. Klik

Memorial to Veterans of the 6th Infantry Division

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  1. A tribute from the youngest son of T-4 Wilmer C Lee, 706th Ordnance (Light Maintenance) Co., 45-47, Thank you to all who served and to those who’ve written here. I appreciate your hard work and dedication to your fellow veterans and a grateful nation. My Dad passed away 11 years ago today and I grew up sneaking peeks at his uniform (the red 6th patch) and the Japanese Souvenirs (two rifles, shells, coins, and sword) he brought home. The thing he talked about the most was how cold the Korean winters were and how he kept his service truck and jeep warmed up to keep them from freezing. He did bring home a picture of about 10 men holding a huge snake they’d “captured”. Oh…and I almost forgot…he did mention a Japanese saboteur that was once discovered, in the camp water bladder suspended from a tripod. RIP Dad…I love you and miss you.

  2. Could you please tell me when the 6th army corps was started. That is when is the earliest that the 6TH Army corps was started. What if any involvement did this group take part in? Important leaders of the group, who were they during the Civil War Era? What were the most significant battles that the unit took part in? Many thanks to you. Any and all info that you may have or can point me to would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dale Hoffman

    • The “6th Army Corps” was in Europe during WW II. I do not know the origin of the “6th Army Corps.” The “6th Field Army” was in the Pacific during World War II and was led by General Walter Kruger. The “6th Infantry Division” was a part of the “6th Field Army” during WW II. A “Field Army” is the next unit larger than an “army corps.” The “United States Army 6th Infantry Division,” had its origins just before World War I. The “1st Infantry Regiment” and the “20th Infantry Regiment” are much older with the 1st being as old as the United States and the 20th being as old as the Civil War and prior. Organization of an Army goes like this from top to bottom: US Army, Field Army, Corps, Division, Regiment, Battalion, Platoon, Squad. I hope that answers your question. You can find more on Wikepedia.


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