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To all family members and others searching for records or doing research:

We often get asked specific questions that would require the we have a soldier’s service record to answer you.  We almost never have that record.  Next of kin hold the key to finding that information.  If you are, you can help yourself and help us expand what we have available on this website.  In order to take the first step  make an official request for his service record.  Here is a link to the form, called a Standard Form 180:

The veteran, or “next of kin” is only one entitled to a copy of the service record upon official request.  No one else, and this includes, the National Association of the 6th Infantry, Inc. is entitled to a copy of that record from the government.  Nevertheless, we often get requests for this very information from our members or interested parties looking for information about a relative.  We do not have it unless next of kin already provided it to us.  So, if you are looking for how our website can help you, get the service record and this site can do wonders to help you find much more information about your relative who served with the 6th Infantry Division.  

You may find that some of the records were destroyed in the 1973 fire in St. Louis.  If that is the case, which it may be, do not be discouraged.  There are other resources out there to find records for the Vet of whom you are searching.  An excellent and very helpful services which we recommend is Golden Arrow Research.  Their website link can be found here:

I have used them myself and found them very helpful, professional and responsive. 

Remember, a Division is over 15,000 men.  A regiment over 5,000.  Without the service record, you might be looking for a needle in a haystack.  With the service record, you will have the means to discover much more. And your next step could be to contact Golden Arrow Research.  If you have questions, feel free to contact either me or Danny Thomas. 


Thomas Price



Rare 1946 Sightseer Newsletter

1946 Sightseer

This rare 1946 Sightseer was donated to our organization by Cathy McConnell, the daughter of the late Ralph L. Blankenbecler, who died in 1988, but who served as a Staff Sergeant and squad leader for Company I of the 20th Infantry regiment, during the New Guinea and Luzon, the Philippines, campaign against Japan.  Among his many decorations during the war, he was awarded three Purple Hearts and the Bronze Star Medal with “V” device for valor. 

6th Infantry Form Response

Name Ana Maria Zavala (LOPEZ)
Email Address
Phone Number 626-840-9247
Send Us a Message or Share Your Story I don’t have any stories, but I’m hoping to find some stories of my Uncle Andres de Jesus Lopez. For some reason we can only find very little information about him here and other sites. We have found him under the name Private First Class Andre D. Lopez US Army. Service number 39009776 63rd Infantry 6th Division. Born 1916 Enlisted 07 Jul 1941 San Francisco. Died 26 Jan 1945 Battle of Luzon. Killed by Kamikaze attack. 39 soldiers lost their lives along with my uncle. If anyone has any information about him, please let us know.


Ana Maria Zavala Lopez

Photo Upload

6th Infantry Form Response

Name David Meyer
Email Address
Phone Number 330-328-1165
Send Us a Message or Share Your Story The flag for the 6th Infantry Division is about to be sent to the Suresnes WW I ABMC Cemetery. How many fallen of the 6th ID are buried there.

This flag will be marched in the parade in Paris on 11 Nov., 2018. Would a 6th ID veteran care to carry it?

We will remember them,

David Meyer

6th Infantry Form Response

Name Thomas Price
Email Address
Send Us a Message or Share Your Story Actor Clint Eastwood was a member of the 6th Infantry Division between WW II and Korea. It would be great if he could support our organization. Who knows how to contact him and tell him about this website and the mission of the National Association?


Images and documents donated by 6th Infantry Division  and their families.  Thank you to the National Archives and Records Administration for use of media throughout the website.