Japanese Torture Techniques

Here is a report outlining somd of what the Japanese did to US and other prisoners. Ultimately, after the war, the United States tried and executed Japanese soldiers and officers for torture as war crimes. Waterboarding was a war crime that resulted in the US convicting and executing Japanese soldiers who employed it.

Honoring a Dead Japanese Soldier

Please Help Us Find And Return These Photos to His Family


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Possibly Sister of Japanse Soldier: Message from Don Emelander, son of Sgt. George "Jack" Emelander, Co. B. 6th Inf. Reg: All of these pictures are from the wallet of a dead Japanese Soldier. I believe he died on the Island of Luzon. I scanned the reverse side of the pictures becasue they all have writing on them. I believe the woman was the soldier's sister. I tried to have them translated once but can't remember what they said. My brother and I would love to see the pictures returned to the soldier's family if they could be located and contacted. Sincerely, Don Emelander. If anyone has any information or recognizes any of these people, please contact the site administrator. Don like many of the sons and daughters of veterans know what it is like to lose such a family member and how many on both sides of this war hope, sometimes in vain, to retrive and treasure even the smallest glimpse of the past.