6th Infantry Division in World War II

Here are the contents of the US Army Divisional Public Relations Book entitled “The 6th Infantry Division in World War II, 1939 to 1945. This book was donated to our organization by Robert E. Phelps, II, whose father, Colonel, Robert E. Phelps, Colonel (now deceased), served with the 20th Infantry Regiment of the 6th Infantry Division in the Pacific during World War II.

More Historical Documents

Here are additional documents and reports regarding the 6th Infantry Division and the Battle for Luzon.

Japanese Torture Techniques

Here is a report outlining somd of what the Japanese did to US and other prisoners. Ultimately, after the war, the United States tried and executed Japanese soldiers and officers for torture as war crimes. Waterboarding was a war crime that resulted in the US convicting and executing Japanese soldiers who employed it.

The Battle For Luzon

Documents Scanned into PDF Format.

Army of Occupation Medal

army of occupation medal

Verification from the Department of the Army regarding the authorization of the 6th Infantry Division Members to have been awarded the Army of Occupation Medal for qualifying service as a part of the Army of Occupation (Japan) in Korea if service was for 30 days in Korea and between September 3, 1945 and April 29, 1949.US2OCC3

IN ORDER TO APPY FOR THIS MEDAL: (1) A cover letter requesting the medal along with—(1) This verification material, (2) a copy of the veteran’s discharge papers, and (3) a filled out “Standard Form 180” signed by the Veteran or next of kin should be sent to the following address:

National Personnel Records Center, Medals Section (NRPMA-M)
9700 Page Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63132-5100

Please download the Standard Form 180. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, your local VA should have these forms available. Your VFW Post or American Legion Post may also have access to these forms.