Photos of the 6th Infantry

On a prominent plateau near Manila sits the largest cemetary, outside Arlington, Virginia, containing the greatest number of our military dead of World War II.

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  • Memorial to the War Dead of the Pacific and to the 6th Infantry Division


  1. I would like upload my father’s photos to the 6th gallery with the location and year ,how do I go about doing that upload? I know I am the last generation before they get discarded when I pass. I would like to share them with others.

    • Mr. Mesite:

      We’d like to help you and honor your father. We have to carefully monitor what is uploaded onto the site. With that in mind, could a you put them on a thumb drive and mail that to us? It would be helpful too, if they were labeled with adequate information so that we could put them in the correct gallery within our albums. Be sure to include your father’s full name and the company, regiment and/or unit in which your father served.

      I will send you a private email to advise where to mail the thumb drive.


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