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Honoring a Dead Japanese Soldier

Please Help Us Find And Return These Photos to His Family


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Possibly Sister of Japanse Soldier: Message from Don Emelander, son of Sgt. George "Jack" Emelander, Co. B. 6th Inf. Reg: All of these pictures are from the wallet of a dead Japanese Soldier. I believe he died on the Island of Luzon. I scanned the reverse side of the pictures becasue they all have writing on them. I believe the woman was the soldier's sister. I tried to have them translated once but can't remember what they said. My brother and I would love to see the pictures returned to the soldier's family if they could be located and contacted. Sincerely, Don Emelander. If anyone has any information or recognizes any of these people, please contact the site administrator. Don like many of the sons and daughters of veterans know what it is like to lose such a family member and how many on both sides of this war hope, sometimes in vain, to retrive and treasure even the smallest glimpse of the past.



20th Infantry Co E

My grandfather served in the 6th Division and is alive and well at 85. I would love to talk to someone that served with him or even better, knew him. His name is Edwin Harris from Ft Collins CO
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john troquille

does anyone have any information on my grandpa ? served with 6 divisin 20th infantry his name was john troquille.

Requesting Information about Tsgt. William C. Knaack

Tsgt. William C. Knaack, was wounded in action in Luzon on January 18, 1945, he died on January 29, 1945. He was given a Christian burial in the U. S. Armed Forces Cemetery No. 1, San Fabian, Pangasian Province, Luson, P. I. His company commander was 1st Lt. Keith O. Leighow. I would appreciate any information about the battle that took place on January 18, 1945, and/ or any information about Tsgt. William C. Knaack.

Berl Watts Company C Aid Man

My Dad was an aid man in the 63rd regiment, 2nd batt, company C. He is still doing pretty well at 87 and lives alone since Mom passed away last year. If there’s any one out there who knew old Doc, or any children of our brave father’s who would like to communicate with him. He would be glad to hear from you.
Greg Watts 870-932-5388
His contact information:
Berl Watts
221 N Bay Dr
Bay, AR 72411

Stories of Service

Sixth Infantry Film

A film about the history of the Sixth Infantry.  You can read more about the film and history of the 6th Division on the You Tube site and Wikipedia.