A Brief History of the U.S. Army 6th Infantry Division, by Thomas E. Price, on behalf of the National Association of the 6th Infantry Division, Inc.

I. World War I: Origins of “The Sightseeing Sixth” Infantry Division
II. The 6th Infantry Division in World War II
A. Overview
B. Reactivation of the Division and Preparations for War
C. Milne Bay, New Guinea and First Encounters with the Japanese Forces
D. The Battle for Lone Tree Hill, Maffin Bay, New Guinea
E. Sansapor and the Vogelkop Peninsula
F. Lingayan Gulf and Luzon, the Philippines
1. The Purple Heart Valley Campaign
2. The Cabaruan Hills
3. Battle for Munoz
4. The Drive to the East Coast to Split Japanese Forces and the Retaking of Bataan
5. Cracking the Shimbu Line
6. Securing Central Luzon
7. Campaign in the Cordellares, the Cagayan Valley and the Stronghold of General Yamashita
III. The End of the War
IV. Very Brief Recent History
V. Author, Thomas E. Price, Copyright 1996, all rights reserved. Effective October 11, 2008,this is the property of the National Association of the 6th Infantry Division, Inc., use by permission, only. Contact at: admin@6thinfantry.com