National Association of the 6th Infantry Division, Inc.

Message from Thomas E. Price: As host of this site, and on behalf of the National Association of the 6th Infantry Division, Inc., I wish to make visitors aware of The National Association of the Sixth Infantry Division, Inc. is the Non-Profit Organization, which is still in existence and which is the force behind this website. It has held annual reunions since 1936. Membership is open to all persons interested in supporting our mission which is public education and historic preservation. We are organized as a non-profit corporation in Oregon. Individual . The National Association now publishes its newsletter electronically, which conserves our limited funds but helps to inform members and the public about new stories about the history of the 6th Infantry Division and how to preserve and contribute to its history.  Our aim is to uphold the tradition of preserving our history in line with the great work of our last Historian, Milton Galke, who had an excellent sense of humor and who worked hard over many years to preserve the history of the Association and the Division.

Membership inquiries should be directed to Thomas E. Price, at the following email address. Mr. Price is the Website Historian and Board Member of the organization taking over for for the outstanding work of Mr. Robert Beutlich (formerly of Company L., 63rd Infantry Regiment). 

We  now have 501(c)(3) non-profit status with the IRS.